Dioxide Dissolves

Dioxide Dissolves is a virtual imaginary installation. The work consists of eighteen audiovisual miniatures located within a 3D virtual environment that is explored by the user/player. The player views the work from a first person perspective, exploring the environment, viewing each of the miniatures in whichever order they choose, determining perspectives (aural and visual), and visiting the site of each miniature for any length of time.

The diagram below represents the scope the player has for determining the structure of their experience and initiating audiovisual transformations in the work. Each audiovisual miniature is presented on an individual viewing platform within the virtual space. A miniature is triggered and begins playing when the player moves within close proximity of a viewing platform. Once triggered, a set of five perspective bubbles are introduced above the corresponding platform structure. If the player chooses to navigate into one of these bubbles, then simultaneous visual and sonic transformations, or shifts in perspective occur. Each of the five perspective bubbles relates to a different transformation in the audio and visual domains, and once the user/player exits these bubbles then the original audiovisual miniature materials are reinstated. The perspective bubbles provide a further exploratory element in the work. If a player remains within a perspective bubble, then the audiovisual materials will remain transformed and the player may change their viewing perspective to experience the more abstract animated visual effects, and transformed sounds.

User/player navigation around the virtual installation space determines the degree of imaginary reverberation, or ambience in the sound domain. Once an audiovisual miniature has been activated, then the distance between the player and the viewing platform determines the level of ambience heard. As the player moves further away from the platform, sound becomes more reverberant. The original and reverberant sounds are dynamically mixed accordingly.

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